Piggy Bank Cute Transparent Glass for Children


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  • Transparent Display: Our piggy bank is designed with transparent glass which can accurately calculate your money and shows the total amount. Total Capacity: 400 pieces of coins
  • Pig is a symbol of wealth, fat for head is a sign of good fortune, it brings economic prosperity to people.
  • The sturdy pig bank is fired from the high-borosilicate glass at a high temperature. It combines the wisdom and sweat of craftsmen. It is hand-made and durable.
  • This piggy bank’s clean and transparent glass blends perfectly with the pig’s posture, and the edges are delicate, which is a unique artistic expression.
  • Whether it’s a coin or a banknote, the expression of a piglet is always pleasant and lovely.
  • It does not just deposit money, but also the happiness it will give you in the future.


  • Shape: piggy
  • Material: glass
  • Piggy size:18*12cm
  • Color: Green


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